Car Survival Kits

Car survival kit, shown closed

My sister makes these great survival kits. She spent years in the Peace Corps in far corners of the globe, so she really knows survival. She brings a very disciplined and thorough approach to her kits. Everyone loves them. She makes several versions including the car kit which this post is about.


She has been making these great survival kits for about 10 years now. They come in three sizes that I know of: glovebox, car and home. Since I can’t seem to hang onto one of the glovebox kits long enough to do a review, I figured I’d start with the next size up, which is the car kit.

Car Kit

This is the one from my truck, given to me by my sister. The car kit contains a few larger items not found in the glovebox kit, such as emergency blanket, poncho, tarp, bar of soap and 60 feet of rope. This one has an upgraded flashlight, which would make it a $75 kit before shipping.

I also keep a few spare items (not pictured) in my personal kit, such as extra AAA batteries.

“Sub Kits”

Her philosophy behind the kits is that in an emergency, you want everything readily accessible and clearly readable. It’s the not the time you want to be fumbling around. So, she has neatly arranged everything and broken some items down to sub-kits.

There’s a fix-it kit, a first aid kit and a water purification kit. Each kit is clearly labeled and easy to get to inside the larger kit. There’s also a separately packaged eyeglass kit. With the magnifying glass on the eyeglass kit, that makes 3 ways to start a fire.


Car survival kit, shown closed
It comes in a zippered case with a LED carabiner, Sharpie & ballpoint pens clipped to the case
Car survival kit, shown with contents
It’s a pretty big kit. I hope I can figure out how to put it all back so it fits in the case!

Car survival kit, shown with contents - alternate view
It’s got 60 feet of decent rope, and pictured here is the upgraded flashlight, a Fenix E01

Car survival kit, sub-kits: front
Pictured here, the three “sub-kits”, a fix-it kit, first aid and water purify/carry kit

Car survival kit, sub-kits: back
Back view of sub-kits. She really has great attention to detail

Car survival kit whistle, flag, multi-tool, folding knife, Fenix E01 Flashlight, Sharpie, poncho and hand warmers
Tools and flag shown with tarp, poncho, hand warmers and Sharpie pen. This kit has Fenix E01 bomb-proof flashlight

Car survival kit emergency blanket, eyeglass kit, soap and tissues
Eyeglass kit, emergency blanket, bar of soap and pack of tissues

Car Survival Kit: Rope, Light Stick, lotion, condom, bug repellent, post-it notes and towelettes
She’s the only one I know who puts condoms in survival kits, but hey, that counts as an emergency, right?

Car Survival Kit: Multi-tool and folding knife
Tools are very high quality for cheap knock-offs. Knife on multi-tool is razor sharp! 

Car Survival Kit: Multi-tool
She only puts decent tools in her kits

Car Survival Kit: Multi-tool and folding knife 2

Car Survival Kit: Manifest, tea lights and matches
Tea lights and book of matches shown with manifest

Car Survival Kit: Manifest
Page one of the kit packing list
Car Survival Kit: Shown in an Otterbox with Fenix LD01 flashlight, Leatherman Squirt PS4 and Spyderco Dragonfly FFG
I got most of it to fit in my otter box … with a few upgrades from Spyderco, Leatherman and Fenix!
Spyderco Ladybug shown with its knock-off from the car survival kit
Spyderco Ladybug shown with its knock-off from the car survival kit. The knife the from the kit is actually decent

From left: Leatherman Squirt PS4 multi-tool, Fenix LD01 flashlight and Spyderco Dragonfly pocket knife
High end tool upgrades, from left: Leatherman Squirt PS4 multi-tool, Fenix LD01 flashlight and Spyderco Dragonfly knife

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