Maxpedition Rat Wallet Review

Don’t Say It

Maxpedition Rat Wallet

From the minute I took it out of the box, the word lingered in the air, unspoken. Man-purse. The wife snickered. “It’s not a man-purse” I said, only halfway believing it myself. “I didn’t say a thing” she said. But I knew what that snicker was. We both did.

The Rat Wallet was much bigger than I thought it would be. I thought “cellphone case+” but this thing was almost big enough to be a fanny pack. I vowed never to own one of those. I’m a dude. The stuff in my pocket is supposed to be the stuff in my pocket, not a lifestyle choice.

But the stuff in my pockets was getting to be too much for my pockets. I just wanted a wallet that maybe had a zippered pocket for my Microstream AAA flashlight and Leatherman Squirt PS4 multi-tool. I was gonna put that stuff on my keychain anyway. Ok, if it could hold my Kershaw Chill pocket knife too, that would be nice. I’ve seen people wearing those cellphone pouches. Those didn’t look too bad. Kind of like a tool belt. A tool belt is manly, right?

The Rat Wallet looked perfect for all of this, so I ordered one. What I got was … different than what I expected. Not in a bad way. More like I hadn’t thought it all through and here was something that was trying its best to follow confusing orders.

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First Impressions

Clearly, this is a well made wallet. The fit and finish on mine is nearly perfect. The stitching is precise and the beefy YKK zippers just give me this great impression of quality and durability. This is my first Maxpedition purchase, and I can honestly say that I want pretty much everything in their catalog. If my Rat Wallet is any indication, I can see why they get such good reviews.

Spacious But Not Roomy

That’s my only real gripe. It’s an issue I saw in a video review and bought it anyway. I didn’t think it would be a deal breaker and it isn’t, though it may be to some. For being that big there should just be more usable space, and it should be laid out better. It’s not horrible. It could just be better.

If I am going to proudly display my man-purse to the world, I would like it to be laid out better.

The Good News

The good news for me is that I still find enough value in it to wear it proudly around town. There’s nothing else like it that I could find. And all snickers aside, I’m getting forgetful in my old age, so it’s nice to have everything I need to be away from the house for a few hours with only one thing to grab.

One thing I really like is that it’s so easy to attach to other bags.


Here’s a bunch of pictures. Notice my knife doesn’t fit inside the wallet, but clipped to the outside. The Microstream clips in a really neat space in the cell phone holder.


— Rat Wallet
— Aluminum Wallet
— Antique Cell Phone
— Streamlight Microstream
— Leatherman Squirt PS4
— Kershaw Chill
— Lexar 8 GB Thumb Drive
— Money Clip With Meager Allowance

Maxpedition Rat Wallet

Maxpedition Rat Wallet

Maxpedition Rat Wallet
Shown with the Kershaw Chill clipped to it

Maxpedition Rat Wallet

Maxpedition Rat Wallet with Streamlight Microstream
Shown with my Streamlight Microstream clipped to the phone pouch – the light shines straight through!

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